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Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Filter Water tank Refugium
We are happy to informs, from now on all Dreambox Filter, Water tanks and Refugias will get a little bit more color. The previously somewhat gray-tinged PVC CLEAR becomes more blue. More UV-resistant and no possible yellowing are just two advantages. Windows in the refugias in our new Dreambox 3.1 Filters remain clear of course (Plexiglass / acrylic)

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King Red Dragon Abschäumer  Deluxe 250 extern
Also our Bubble King® DeLuxe 250 skimmer external from Royal Exclusiv® with adjustable BK DC 24V pump available. Made in Germany.

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King Deluxe BK extern Abschäumer
Out now, our Bubble King® DC 24V // Skimmer pump from Royal Exclusiv® for customers with external skimmer models.

Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 3 pumps

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King Deluxe 300 external DC 24V
We have our Bubble King® DeLuxe 300 external skimmer updated with an adjustable and energy saving DC 24V pump.
Check out here!


Royal Exclusiv Dreambox - silicate  / mixed-bed resin filter
Out now, Dreambox® - silicate / mixed-bed resin filter from Royal Exclusiv® for customers with water with very low conductivity.

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King DeLuxe 650 / 610 intern DC 24V
Now, also our Bubble King® DeLuxe 650/610 Intern DC skimmer from Royal Exclusiv® with adjustable BK2500 DC pumps in 24V, version 2023 available.
For really large aquariums with a tank size of up to 20,000 liters, without fleece filter. With fleece filter, the use on up to 40,000 liters of basins is conceivable and the best; only 268 watts is needed. Energy saving is also possible on larger systems, as well as quality work "Made in Germany". Royal Exclusiv is your reliable partner when it comes to filter systems / purification of seawater aquariums / salt water tanks.

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King DeLuxe 500 internal DC 24V
Now available, Bubble King® DeLuxe 500 Internal DC skimmer from Royal Exclusiv® with adjustable BK2500 DC pumps in 24V, Version 2023.
For larger aquariums with a tank size of 2,200 to 5.000 liters, without a fleece filter. With fleece filter this skimmer could be used on a up to 10,000 liter basins with 134 Watt. Saving energy is our top priority, in addition to long-lasting quality and reliability.

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Medienfilter New Year sale
Till end of January we offer the COMPACT Dreambox® - Media filter 3.0 - with Red Dragon® X 40 Watt / 3m³ cartridge filter 2,0 Liter and HANG ON Dreambox® - Media filter 3.0 - SINGLE cartridge filter 2,0 Liter with 10% Discount. Make your deal now.

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox fleece filter 3.1
Now available Dreambox® fleece filter 3.1 with integrated Refugium from Royal Exclusiv®.
Offers could be requested

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King DeLuxe 400 intern BK DC
Conversion ready, our proved Bubble King® DeLuxe 400 Internal as 24 V / DC Model from Royal Exclusiv®, adjustable, powerful, efficient and quiet. As a replacement model for "old" RD1 / BK pumps AC.

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King skimmmer pump
NOW available, our proven Bubble King® skimmer pump as 24 V / DC model for all DeLuxe skimmer 400 - 500 - 650 internal/external from Royal Exclusiv®, adjustable, powerful, efficient and quiet. As a replacement model for "old" RD1 / BK pumps AC.

Royal Exclusiv Coral bed holder deck for reef plugs
Now, online our new Bubble King® Anti Smell from Royal Exclusiv®, suitable for all popular Bubble King®
protein skimmer 160 - 180 - 200 - 250 - 300 - 400 - 500 - 650. Eliminates annoying odours and ozone residues.  

The first 25 orders get one pack active carbon for free.

Royal Exclusiv Coral bed holder deck for reef plugs
Now official available a Coral holder / Reef bed / Reef plug holder from Royal Exclusiv®. Suitable for all popular reef plugs.
In one, two or five piece sets, ideally for growing of coral cuttings.

Royal Exclusiv Sommerfest Summer Party 2022
On Saturday the 10th of September the time has come! We cordially invite you to our summer party 2022! --
Of course, some friends and partner companies will also be there as a exhibitors:
Panta Rhei, Atoll Riff Deko, Aquaristik Stratmann, ATI Aquaristik, Emoceans, New Wave, Abyzz, AquaPerfekt, Aqua-Digital, Reef Corner

Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 5 ECO DC Förderpumpe 25W 130W 200W
Now official available Red Dragon® 5 ECO pump with 200W from Royal Exclusiv®. Approved model, new pump DC 36V.
This powerful, smooth-running and reliable circulation / feed pump is in 2 versions available.

Royal Exclusiv goes fresh water
Our Dreambox® filter systems have proven themselves in the salt water world.
Due to increased requests for fresh water applications, we have decided on our own devison.
Royal Exclusiv® can also do fresh water!

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Filter system Dosing station, Doser, feed, Dose
Now, our Dreambox® dosing stations are available as a limited edition only for short time also in grey.
However, only the double (2x4liter) and tripple (3x4liter). With LED-lightning as standard.

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King BK DeLuxe Supermarin Double Cone Red Dragon X RDX RD3 RD1 Dreambox Filter

In preparation of our upcoming Royal Exclusiv´s Sommerfest 2022 // Summer Party at 10th September 2022, some items have already been added to our Web Shop. Bargains can already be bought here. We will gradually expand this list. All items which not sell before, we will offered at our Summer Party.

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King BK DeLuxe 300 Red Dragon X RDX
Now also, our Bubble King® DeLuxe 300 internal + RDX DC 24V for tanks from 1.200 up to 3.000 l, with Red Dragon X on hand.

Royal Exclusiv dosier adapter titan
Finally available, Titan-Adapter for our 6mm dosing tubes. For an easy connecting of your dosing pumps.

Royal Exclusiv LED Light RE-LIGHT pre-sale pre order
The pre-purchase / pre-order of our new LED panel light RE-LIGHT has begun.
Strike now and get 20% pre-order discount. Delivery November 2022.

Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 4 Version 2022 freshwater ponds Pool
Our freshwater- and pond pump Red Dragon® 4 got an Update, Version 2022 available in 2 power ranges now!
Powerful, quiet, low maintenance and adjustable via network.

Royal Exclusiv has exciting new projects for the new year
We have almost completed our developments / test phase on a new and unique LED lamp and looking forward to presenting in the new year. Stay tuned! 

Royal Exclusiv has exciting new projects for the new year the second
Also our Dreambox 3.0 fleece filter were scrutinized and equipped with extensions / improvements. More informations and details will follow in spring 2022!

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Compact rolling fleece filter complete
The Royal Exclusiv® Dreambox ®  rolling fleece filter is also in size L out now.
Maximal flow rate of 8000 l/h, super compact dimensions of 42 x 33 x 56 cm for internal use the filter sump.

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Cartridge Media filter complete
Finally is our Dreambox ®  Cartridge Media Filter family complete, available by Royal Exclusiv® now.

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King SuperMarin 250 Red Dragon X verfügbar
Now, the Dreambox ® Media filter with 5 Liter Volume also available as cartridge version at Royal Exclusiv®.

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King SuperMarin 250 Red Dragon X available
Now also our Bubble King® SuperMarin 250 with Red Dragon® X 60W pump in 24V available at Royal Exclusiv®.

Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon X pumps spare parts available and listed
Now, as usually we have listed in our program all spare parts of our Red Dragon® X pumps.

Royal Exclusiv new CEO
After more than 30 years of managing directorship of and at Royal Exclusiv® Mr. Klaus Jansen retires from the strategic, operational business. Don't worry Mr. Jansen will remain with Royal Exclusiv® for several more years in product development, quality assurance and as a supervisor in production. Our new managing director is Mr. Christian Walter. He is looking forward to meeting you at the next opportunity. Royal Exclusiv® and our products will not change, promised.


Royal Exclusiv Bubble King abschauemer ueberlauf stopper
Say good bye to overflowing skimmers, the Bubble King® Over-flow-stopper works reliably and safely.
Relaxed to the holiday or extended weekend with shutdown automatic and 6 liter containers.
Click here for the automatic Bubble King® Over-flow-stopper for skimmer

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Media filter reactor cartridge
Now available, our new Dreambox® cartridge media-filter/reactor. Here check the different models.

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox 3.0 Youtube channel

The new Dreambox® Vlies (Fleece) filter system at work is online. Step by step we will bring more and more videos online of the function and setting.

Royal Exclusiv slot pipe split tube Red Dragon pump

Protect your premium pump with a slot-pipe / split-tube in PVC or titan!


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