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Older informations from the welcome page of Royal Exclusiv

Royal Exclusiv Closed Loop Dreambox complete system
Now, also our Dreambox« available as Closed Loop complete system. On stock and deliverable immediately!

Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 5 ECO 24V pump
We are really proud to release our newest pump model, the Red Dragon« 5 ECO with 25W / 4m3 .
This adjustable 24V DC (direct current) pump is available right now and enriches our existing pump families.

Royal Exclusiv at the INTERZOO 2018
We're finally back at the INTERZOO 2018 in Nuremberg.

Join us at Hall 4 / Booth 647  //////  8. - 11. May 2018

Royal Exclusiv USA at RAP Orlando
Also this year we have a booth at the Reef A Palooza in Orlando, USA. Visit us!

Royal Exclusiv ECO Vlies Dreambox filter system

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King Supermarin 200 Red Dragon 3 skimmer
Our Bubble King« SuperMarin 200 received a Facelift! As of now, all Red Dragon« 3 skimmer pumps will be delivered with
prepared 10V connection and removable Hirschmann-plug-connection. On stock and deliverable immediately!

Royal Exclusiv Preiserh÷hung 2018

Due to legal changes in the payment procedure for online shops, all payment methods at our shop will be offered without any additional fees
from 12nd January onwards. Another reason for these changes in our pricing are the recently increased price lists of our suppliers. We will use this opportunity to further increase our efforts to improve our products and services at Royal Exclusiv«.

Royal Exclusiv Reef-A-Palooza Orlando 2017
Also this year we are at the Reef-A-Palooza in Orlando, join us. Here is the floorplan.

Bubble King DeLuxe 300 skimmer Update 2017 Royal Exclusiv

Our best selling Bubble King« DeLuxe 300 skimmer has gotten an update. Details in the appearance/design have been improved and optimized the skimming performance.

50 / 60W Red Dragon 3 Mini Speedy Pumps  Royal Exclusiv

Now, all 50W/60W Red Dragon« 3 MiniSpeedy pumps available with a prepared 10V connection and a removable Hirschmann-plug. (skimmer- and return-pumps) Only a Interface-Adapter is needed for controlling by aquacontroller/computer.

Vlies fleece Dreambox filter system Royal Exclusiv

We are really proud to introduce our new Vlies (Fleece)-Dreambox-Filter, after a longterm test- and developing phase. Complete systems are available, now.

PVC U transparent clear

The product range becomes bigger and bigger. Now, PVC-pipes in transparent from Georg Fischer in all usual sizes on stock.

Royal Exclusiv AutoSwitch ON OFF

We want to introduce our new AutoSwitch ON-OFF.
Ideal for controlling and monitoring of Water-levels at sumps, with delay release.

Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 3 Speedy 230W Pump

We have to inform that our Red Dragon« 3 Speedy with 230W is more powerful than expected.
Our new test-bed and some dealers has confirmed that we reach a volume flow of 24.200l/h with this pump!

Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 3 Speedy 150W Pumpe

Finally the Red Dragon« 3 Speedy with 150W is available. Go to the product!

Royal Exclusiv Mini Bubble King 200 extra slim

Finally also the Mini Bubble King 200 VS12 available as extra-slim-version! Go to the product!

Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon Filter Filtersocks socks bag filterbag

Now, our Filter socks are in long available!

Royal Exclusiv USA MACNA 2017
Also this year Royal Exclusiv USA at the MACNA 2017 in New Orleans. Here is the Floor Plan.
Come and join us from 25th till 27th August 2017!

Royal Exclusiv SUMMERPARTY
The list of the friends and partners, which having an own booth at Royal Exclusiv pumps & skimmers SUMMER-PARTY is almost complete:
Aquabee Aquarientechnik - Atoll Riff Deko - DreamCorals/(Aqua Marin Supply bvba (AMS), manufacturer Kalkreaktor DaStaCo)
- Easyreefs - Fauna Marin GmbH - LANI: LED lighting - Panta Rhei
Join us and don´t miss this event. 9th September!

RE Dreambox Media filter 100 with 2 Liter
Out now, our new 2 liter Media-Filter / Pellet-Filter also as DeLuxe version. Complete demountable, 20mm connection.

RE promo magazin
Our new product-portfolio 2017 is in the print right now. Here you could download the .pdf.

Royal Exclusiv Wessling Esser

The Mayor Erwin Esser has officially welcomed us in Wessling!

Royal Exclusiv Macna 2016 San Diego

Visit us at the Macna 2016 in San Diego

Royal Exclusiv Umzug

Please note: We are moving from 18th July to 5th August 2016!
New address: Vorgebirgsstr. 28, 50389 Wesseling

Royal Exclusiv Overflow stopper skimmer

We have modified our Overflow-stopper for more volume!

Royal Exclusiv at the reefapalooza show in Orlando

Meet RE at the Reefapaloozashow in Orlando / FL!

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King Supermarin 300 Version 2015 skimmer

Also the new Bubble King« SuperMarin 300 Version 2015 with only one adjustable 60W RD3 skimmer-pump is available. The RD3 is standard equipped with a 10V connection.

Royal Exclusiv at MACNA Conference 2015 in Washington DC

Visit us at the MACNA in Washington DC! Here is the floorplan! We have booth 707.

Royal Exclusiv USA new team member

We are very proud to announce that we have a new member at RE’s US-Team! Scott Leif is an absolute expert in our products and most of all saltwater aquarists will know him from his great activities at “Reef Central”.

As the responsible for our West-Coast Depot at Chatsworth, California. Scott will take care for the coming up “Royal Exclusiv” board at “Reef Central” and also for our customer and technical support in the US.

Thanks for joining us, Scott and WELCOME AT RE

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King DeLuxe 250 internal 2015 skimmer

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King DeLuxe 500 external 2015 skimmer

Royal Exclusiv Facebook Social media friends like

We thanks our customers for your loyalty and the support on Facebook!

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King Red Dragon Dreambox skimmer pumps manufacturer

We produce our protein skimmers, pumps and Dreambox filter systems exclusively in Germany.

Dreambox Silencer Filter socks bags inlay

You want your Dreambox« even quieter than quiet? Dreambox« Silencer Filter inlays are available @ our Shop. Here a Video of the function.

MBK Mini Bubble King 180 extra slim schmal

Now, our already perfect MiniBubbleKing180 skimmer available in the extra slim version.

Red Dragon 3 is apex ready

Yes, the Red Dragon« 3 with 80W is Apex ready.

red pipes from georg fischer

Our red PVC pipes in differ sizes will be found here.

Royal Exclusiv MVP award 2104

Aquarium Specialty is pleased to announce it's 2nd Annual Most Valuable Product (MVP) Awards.

Royal Exclusiv dosing station feeder

New: Dosing stations for the use of trace elements, Balling« Systems, lime water etc.

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King nozzle protein skimmer

We want to inform that the color of the nozzles of Red Dragon« 1 Bubble King« skimmer-pumps will be change in the future. The function, the quality and material remains, only the color is changes.

Royal Exclusiv Bubble King Double Cone 130 protein skimmer pump

We are proudly present our newest family member, the Bubble King« Double Cone 130.
Ideal for Nano-tanks up to 300l. Usually known RE-quality also for "the little ones".

Royal Exclusiv 10V Interface-adapter

We want to introduce the 10V Interface-adapter. Ideal for the connection of a Red Dragon« 3 on a aquarien-computer i.e. from GHL or Neptune Systems!

Royal Exclusiv USA at the MACNA in Denver!

Royal Exclusiv USA at the MACNA in Denver!

Royal Exclusiv USA ist online!

Royal Exclusiv grey and white piping tubbing programm fittings fitting installation

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox red seam weld s
All Dreamboxes are available with red seam welds, now.

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Pellet// Medien filter
The new 5-Liter model of the Media-filters // Pellet-filters as SumpSaver version is available now!

Royal Exclusiv Carbon // Aktivkohle
Now RE-Carbon//active carbon in a recloseable dosing box suitable and ideal for our Media-filter.

meer wasser forum
For all who don´t know, we have a own manufacturer-board by one of the biggest german-speaking marine-water-forums.

Bubble King Deluxe 200 RD3Bubble King Supermarin 300 RD3
Bubble King« DeLuxe 200 with RD3 and Bubble King« SuperMarin 300 with RD3 in look of 2014!

Nano Dreambox

ECO Dreambox
New: The ECO-Dreambox« from Royal Exclusiv«. Click

  • available also in many different sizes and inverted
  • all ECO-Dreamboxes are 40cm height for more volume
  • only one filter row, regardless of size to become more space in the skimmer-/ return chamber
  • complete in grey, also the cable holder and controller holder available in grey

Here is the ECO Dreamboxes_overview_list.pdf of all available sizes.

Dreambox 2.0
Now, all newly produced Dreamboxes look somewhat prettier.
We want to introduce the Royal Exclusiv« Dreambox« 2.0.

Dreambox Probe-holder
We have new Dreambox-Accessories! Probe-/Dosing-holder to glue into the Dreambox«. Click

Bubble King DeLuxe 650 modified external
And again, a new skimmer model from RE. Click

Media-Filter SpaceSaver DeLuxe

1,5 l Media-filter is now available as a DeLuxe version with fine thread above and below, for a better handling and cleaning. Available as a Media-filter and Pellet-filter. 2Liter-version coming soon!

 inlet protection deliver pump

protection deliver pump

Protect your pump and thus extend the life. Go to the products.


We finished the reconstruction in our factory hall and producing busy again. Take a look to the whole reconstruction. Click

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox gro▀ und klein

One of the bigger and one of the smaller one at our program! More pictures >>>

Red Dragon 3 Speedy
Now, on stock 230V/50-60Hz and 110V/50-60Hz. Click

Bubble King Double Cone 150
Yes we did it. Click

Dreambox function
How it work a Dreambox-Complete-System or the Dreambox in detail! Click

Dreambox dosing feeder feed tank
Now we have a dosing tank on sale. Especially suitable for trace elements, Balling systems and lime water. Guaranteed residual drainage!

5 percent price increase

Shortly before the end of the year, we need to increase our prices by 5%. Steadily rising material prices are forcing us to take this step, long time we tried this step to delay. Buy now more quickly to the old price!

Dreambox Refugia

Mini Bubble King 200 VS13 modified

Bubble King DeLuxe 650 internal
We have a new member at the Bubble King« DeLuxe internal skimmer-familiy.

We have visited the MACNA2013 in Florida.

Plexiglas XT/GS pipe transparent / semi-manufactured

Do it yourself! Acryl-glas/Plexiglas« pipes as semifinished products, available exclusively at RE.

Dreambox special deal

We need space in the warehouse! Go to the special offers!

individual Filter system Dreambox

Choose your individual complete - filter - system, suitable for your tank. With Royal Exclusiv« Dreambox, Bubble King« skimmer and Red Dragon« delivery pump.

RD3 Speedy 65Watt deliver pump

We are still waiting for the 8,0m3! In the meantime we could offer a Red Dragon« 3 with 65Watt.

fresh water deliver pump

A special spring offer. Red Dragon« 3 Freshwater 100Watt made in Germany for a fabulous prices in Royal Exclusiv« quality.

media filter insert inlays

For all 4 media filter size (ě 80-100-125-150mm) there are now sea water resistant filter inserts.

media filter family

Now, the Royal Exclusiv media filter family is almost complete! // ě 80-100-125-150mm.

red PVC pipe polish

Our Red PVC pipe/tube is now also available with polished and with manufacturers print away. If it should look really nice in the equipment cabinet.

Schego heating element holder

Now new! Holder for Schego heater Rod / heating element with ě25mm. Can be used universally. No problem anymore to fix the heating element or the sensor. For direct installation in the Dreambox.

rd3 freshwaterrd4 freshwater

In addition to our salt water program, we offer now also an submersible Red Dragon« 3 freshwater/ sweet water pump with 100 watt and one externally performing Red Dragon« 4 Dreamliner/Super- Flow in various wattages. Both pumps are energy savers and the Red Dragon« 4 Dreamliner/ SuperFlow features via a network interface the thus various settings and control offers.


For the automation of your skimming, the automatic switchoff with capacitive sensor and power outlet. Also for third party skimmer can be used. Look here.

fitting white

We have extended our white fitting range.
In addition to the already entered tees, 45░, and the 90░ bows we recorded now also pipe clamps and sockets to the pipe extension in our offer. Look!

media filter sump saver

2 liter media-filter available in the space-saving Variant!
In addition to the already available 100 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm versions, a space saver been added now: a inside thread make it possible to reduce the dimensions of the media filter 100 mm - 2-liter again and thus create more space in the filter tank.

dreambox filterset 2013

Create your individual filter set and save.
Choose the size of your desired Dreambox, a suitable Protein skimmer and a return pump.
We give 7.5% discount on everything together in buying a set. We will gladly to advise you, just send us an email. We provide you with an individual offer.

mini bubble king 200 vs13

The new Mini Bubble King 200 VS2013 now available with adjustable Red Dragon« 3 mini speedy pump 50 watt up to max. 1500 l / h air intake and up to max. 3000 l / h water intake. For aquariums up to 1000 litres. Get it & Act now!

mini red dragon 6000

halle royal exclusiv

The Royal Exclusiv « company is headquartered in the north of Cologne and specialises in the production of pumps, protein skimmers and high-quality filter plants for aquaria.

It all started in 1986 with the production of exclusive and high-quality complete systems. The workshop is backed by over 30 years of experience in fresh and salt water aquaria construction.

Royal Exclusiv« produces premium products of the highest quality. Long-term testing and inspection phases in the inhouse lab are carried out prior to production. These quality standards have turned Royal Exclusiv« into what it is today.

For more information on Royal Exclusiv« please click here.