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Red Dragon« 3 Freshwater 100 Watt / 9,0m│

Red Dragon« 3 Freshwater 100 Watt / 9,0m│
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Red Dragon« 3 Freshwater 100 Watt / 9,0m│
Red Dragon« 3 Freshwater 100 Watt / 9,0m│
Red Dragon« 3 Freshwater 100 Watt / 9,0m│

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Products description

Red Dragon«3 Freshwater pump 100 Watt / 9,0m│ AKB anti-lime-bypass

Technical data  Red Dragon« 3 Freshwater pump 100 Watt 9,0m│:
100 Watt/h  4,2 mtr. pressure height
AC pump
intake side 50 mm - pressure side 32 mm
operating voltage: 230 Volt 50 Hz  (not in 110V/60Hz available)
Protection class pump: IP 68  
Weight pump: 4,5 kg
Height of intake side: center 75 mm
Dimension pump: 125 mm wide / 255 mm length / ~ 180 mm height

pdf_icon  Data_sheet_and_spare_parts.pdf   pdf_icon  Operating_and_maintenance_manual_vs02.pdf  
The Red Dragon« 3 freshwater pump also has a rear bearing flushing (AKB anti lime bypass) which prevents the formation of calcium deposits and dirt. This freshwater/sweet-water pump is a real energy saver and thus by the low-maintenance ideally equipped for use in whirlpools, swimming pools, garden ponds and open air pools or swimming baths.
  • Supply pump with an asynchronous motor
  • Heavy and solid design, vibration and interference vibrations
    (Heavy and massive craftsmanship against vibrations and oscillation)
  • Including parabolic rubber feet for acoustic decoupling and residual vibration
  • Genuine quality product "Made in Germany"
    All pumps-relevant parts: injection molding, stator, coil, electronics etc. are manufactured in Germany.
  • Assembly, grouting, final inspection takes place in Germany. RD3 "Freshwater" is one of the few pumps, was developed and is produced in Germany, no re-labeling product of China.
  • Incl. suction (inlet) and pressure (oulet) side complete VDL DIN fittings, compact design
  • Extremely low-noise operation thanks to shrunken bearings from technical High-performance ceramics and with encapsulated power electronics
    (grouted power electronics)
  • The extremely break-resistant rotor included a 12 mm diameter ceramic shaft
  • Compared with ECO pump models with 2 m maximum pressure height creates the RD3 freshwater-pump more than double (4. 2 m) with same power consumption 98Watt!
  • RD3 freshwater pump is designed as a submersible pump,
    can be used easily out of the water also
  • CE conformity, developed and built according to VDE guidelines


Suitable slot pipes / split tubes for the protection of your pump
suitable decoupling/anti-vibration-sets, to make our silent pump more silent!

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